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Although eLOQ locks are electronic, they contain no batteries and do not require wiring. With the wide range of easily retro-fittable cylinders and padlocks available, introducing eLOQ means you can implement incredibly flexible levels of remote access control to your organisation.

How does eLOQ work?

eLOQ access systems are made up of four central elements that can be customised in any way. Most importantly, we can create bespoke systems and setups to fit any organisation’s requirements.

eLOQ Keys

Central to the eLOQ access control system is the individual user keys, each of which can be programmed to each user’s own specific schedule and access requirements. 3G and GPS Mobile Keys can be obtained to introduce further advance features.

eLOQ Readers

Required for scheduling and programming locks & keys, the eLOQ readers take many different forms from Wall-Readers, Computer Interfaces, Mobile Apps and the eLOQ Mobile Key.

eLOQ Locks

With a multitude of different retro-fittable cylinders and padlocks available for a range of different circumstances, our locks are easy to change and be installed by any competently trained locksmith.

eLOQ Software

Easily update and amend user schedules using the secure, cloud-based software which has been designed to be user friendly. Run complete audit reports on locks and keys to examine previous access attempts.
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Helping Your Business

Cloud-based access control, for any company type or size.

eLOQ is an intelligent access control system which has been designed to offer not only high security, but also a greater degree of flexibility and auditability, not otherwise possible with traditional access solutions. The eLOQ system makes access control simple and secure for your business and helps you grant specified access for your staff, suppliers, customers or even delivery services.

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