Product Overview

eLOQ User Key

Integrated with battery, the user key can provide power to lock and lock/unlock the door. It is issued permission by software, and can collect the events when lock/unlock the door. Each user in the system can be provided with their own key with their own access restrictions based on lock IDs, time & date; allowing you complete access control over your locking system.

  • Set user permissions using the NFC technology built into the readers
  • Assign specific access restrictions for users base on location, date and time
  • Record users access history with full audit reports
  • Set validation & expiration periods to limit the damage of lost keys
  • Diffcult to copy and crack due to high level security algorithms
  • Resistance to falls to prevent damage to the internal electronic components
  • Ergonomically designed for ease of use
  • Working Temperature; -20’C-+ 60’C
  • Working Humidly; 20% -97%
  • Bicolourable LED + Buzzer
  • 8KV contact electrostatic or 15KV contactless electrostatic protection
  • Battery Life: 50,000 times operation
  • Power down Data Protection; > 10 years
  • 3cm NFC Communication Distance
  • Stores Access Privileges for up to 3,000 locks or locking groups
  • Capacity to store 3,000 access events


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