Using eLOQ Within Your Organisation

Due to the technological advantages and the powerful scope of flexibility that eLOQ provides, it can be effectively introduced to a range of industries to improve any organisation’s security, particularly those where traditional access control systems may no longer adequately cover security risks. Below we’ve outlined a handful of industries which the eLOQ system can be incorporated into.


Security in the aviation industry is of paramount importance, and access control is a huge part of that. For example, consider the huge and diverse workforce present at an airport. The individual journeys undertaken by employees, passengers and visitors all require different means of access, which can differ even between employees themselves.


Retail spaces, whether on the shop floor or warehouse, all contain a range of valuable assets and goods that need to be protected. Access Control systems ensure that only staff or persons with the correct authority can enter or access a particular area or particular goods. With eLOQ, assets stay protected.

Logistics & Transport

The logistics industry encompasses a range of transient employees, contractors, drivers and staff, all requiring easy yet secure access to a range of different premises. As such, reliable access control is a vital aspect of security to ensure goods stay protected. eLOQ can provide a complete solution.


When people's health is on the line, reliable and secure Access Control is a necessity. A key feature of both information systems and healthcare premises themselves, ensuring staff or employees with the correct authority have access to the correct information is of paramount importance. eLOQ provides that extra peace of mind.

Real Estate

Ensuring that your landlords properties are accessed by only authorised personnel is paramount when it comes to property management. Through the use of the eLOQ system you can ensure that only those with specific permission have access to sensitive areas of your business.

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